Initial Installation of Apps Code

Adding a Community App to your Hubitat Hub is done by copying the App from a repository to the hub. There are three ways to do that:
  • Copy the App code and paste it into the App Code area of the Hub.
  • Copy the URL of the code and paste it into the Import area of App Code.
  • Copy the URL of a pre-built Bundle and paste that into the Add Zip area of Bundles.


For Hubitat Package Manager, it's recommended you use the Bundle feature because the code itself is large. Copy this URL: then paste into the Import Zip: Download from URL and click Import again.


  • Click on the Bundles menu item in the left menu area of your hub. It's inside the Developer tools section and you may need to click the Arrow/twisty to open it up.
  • In the upper right is an Import Zip button to click.
    Click Download from a URL.
    Paste this URL: into the field
    and click Import again, and you're done with Installing the code.
  • To make the App active you click on Apps in the left menu and click Add User App. Scroll through the list or type "pack" to find Hubitat Package Manager and click on it.
For those wanting to follow along visually, here's a video: HPM Installation - First Time Users