Installing HPM

The Hubitat Package Manager provides tools to install, uninstall, and upgrade Community packages (3rd party) to your Hubitat Elevation environment. This document includes information for how to use this app as well as how to contribute your own packages.

Using HPM

  • Installing a Package

    There are three ways to install a package. You can Search by Keywords, Browse by Tags, or From a URL

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  • Repairing a Package

    If you accidentally manually uninstall an app or driver that is part of a package, or if an update goes wrong for some reason, use a repair to fix the package.

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  • Updating Packages

    When an author releases a new version of a package, to install it, choose the Update option.

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  • Modifying a Package

    If you need to add or remove an optional component from a package later, choose the Modify option.

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  • Uninstalling a Package

    If you'd like to uninstall a package, choose the Uninstall option.

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  • View Apps and Drivers

    This will show you all of the apps and drivers you have installed that are currently being managed by the Hubitat Package Manager.

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  • Package Manager Settings

    This is where you can control the settings of the Hubitat Package Manager.

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Match Up

A Match Up will search through all of the apps and drivers you have installed on your hub and attempt to figure out if there are packages available that match these apps and drivers.

The Hubitat Package Manager will show you matches it found and allow you to confirm those that appear to be correct. This will then cause the selected apps and drivers to be monitored for updates. Unfortunately, the package manager has no way to know what version of a previously installed app or driver was installed. You have two options. You can either tell the package manager to assume that the version you have installed is up to date, or not. If it is set to assume it is up to date, you will not receive update notifications until the next time a new version is available. If it is set to not be up to date, you can immediately perform an Update which will ensure the latest version is installed.


App and Driver developers can use Hubitat Package Manager to provide your apps and drivers. Two things are needed, each package must provide a manifest and you must provide a repository that lists your packages. Another view of the documentation can be found in the github README.

A small little tool called Hubitat Package Manager Tools has been provided which assists in the creation of these files. On Windows simply run

hpm.exe --help
and on MacOS and Linux run
./hpm --help